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Opera Gravetalon, Arrow of the Pit by foolsmask
Opera Gravetalon, Arrow of the Pit
So I discovered that someone has created rules for Gamma World using the D&D 5e rules as a base. It pulls heavily from the 4e rules by eliminating races and using mutations instead. You roll randomly to determine your base form. It can be a number of different things; plants, undead, robot, or in the case of Opera here, Avian. all this really means is that this character starts with Talons as a natural weapon, low-light vision and flight. Next your roll up three mutations from a chart that will make your character unique from all the other characters. There are lots of options here. Again a lot of them come from 4e, from the various character types your could play or the mutation cards that system used. Opera can reanimate zombies (hence the green guy coming out of the ground), deflect metallic weapons and has a really sophisticated brain so she can ignore certain effects monsters might try to impose. Weapons and armor remain abstracted, so all you have to do is pick the category your weapon belongs to and then you can describe it however you want. This is probably my favorite aspect. You could say you have a street sign for a shield, or crowbar for a weapon, or maybe you actually ripped a highway guard rail out of the ground and now you hit people with it. It doesn't matter, you pick the category it belongs to and that is the rules it uses in game, doesn't matter if it is a little abstract. Not shown in the drawing is the weapon I designed for Opera which uses magnets to launch ground down shards of metal, basically a pray and spray nail gun.
OC Inktober - Day 6 - Hexer by foolsmask
OC Inktober - Day 6 - Hexer
This character belongs to my newest story idea. Without giving away all the details, she lives in a generic fantasy world and is a member of an adventuring party that has somewhat video game style powers. I am also using some heavy team tropes that I have been enjoying reading about on This character is the Lancer of the Five Man Band archetype. She is a ranged caster, and her spells consist of de-buff effects, ranged blast damage and enchantments. She is a real punk rock, take-no-shit-from-the-man kind of person. I hope that comes across in her pose. She still gets along with her friends, but she will be the voice of decision in every argument. She likes to be able to say "told you so" after the fact, but will follow the plan if it is well though out and she feels like her voice was heard, she won't take the blame for failure on the grounds she didn't "give it her all" 

I really can't think of much else to say. Look for the other four members of this group to learn more about the story I guess.
OC Inktober Day 5 - Strength by foolsmask
OC Inktober Day 5 - Strength
OK, so some people might say this is cheating but I am skipping Day 3 and 4 because i tried to do 24 hour Comic Day on the 3rd and 4th days of the month. I failed and only got 12 pages drawn, 8 of those got inked and lettered by me, so it wasn't a total bust. I learned a bit. I know where I need to improve and focus in the future. So eventually I will post a couple of pages of that work to complete the 31 days of Inktober, but for now you get Strength.

Strength is not this character's name. I forget her name. She never had a superhero code name though, just a regular identity that I can't remember. She comes from the same universe as Masquerade and Fool, and is in possession of Regalia of her own. She has the Tunic and Gauntlets of Strength. This gives her enhanced toughness and great strength. I'm not sure of er actual power level, I want her to have impenetrable skin, but blunt trauma is still a thing for her. She would still be resistant to everything, but the Tunic primarily protects against wounds that would draw blood. Her level of strength is more defined I think, she can pick up and move small compact cars; VW bugs, a Jetta, maybe a Prius, though I honestly don't know if all of those cars have similar weights. She won't be able to throw cars, just lift and move them. So somewhere under Power-Man, maybe on par with Spider-Man...though I think I've seen Spidey throw cars. 

I haven't drawn this character in several years. She actually got a costume redesign for this image, other characters I will be drawing for Inktober have adopted her old style of dress so Strength got an update. Seeing this character again also reminded me I don't have a lot of diversity in my characters. I'm not surprised, I'm a white guy raised in a white suburban America. Most of these characters are extensions of me and my view of the world, so they are going to skew a certain way. I don't think this is a bad thing since I recognize the reason.
Fool by foolsmask
Here is OC Inktober entry 2. This if Fool, the the male counterpart to Masquerade. In addition to being her teammate he is also her romantic interest. This character is probably the second most "Mary Sue" character of all the ones that might appear in this project. Fool possesses the Jester's Pouch. He is able to produce any item he can imagine and that can fit through the opening of the bag, a circle about 3' in diameter. The other draw back is that he has to know how the item works, so he can't create a Star Trek style phaser, or a magical sword because he doesn't know how laser guns or magic works, though he could learn and then have access to such devices.  None of his creations last more than an hour, vanishing into the ether once their time has run out.  It also can store items in an extra-dimensional space that is accessible only to him, allowing him to store and retrieve items he might acquire but who's function he does not understand yet. 

I actually played this character for a short superhero RPG using the Mutants and Masterminds system. It was pretty fun. He basically functioned like a Green Lantern for the team, but we were Earth based. He basically had a shapable blast attack where he would create an item that filled the spaces I wanted to try and hit and then I would roll for the attack. He could "stunt" to gain other powers. In that game I created bicycles to get around town, and once when we fought a Spider-Man type character I created a grappling gun that shot a yo-yo instead of a hook. It was fun, but the game fell apart after like four sessions.

Anyway, I was in high school when I created these characters, I've matured some so there are elements of this story and character that I don't care for as much anymore, but I can't abandon them because of their nostalgic value. This was my first real attempt at a story that was in my own original universe that had nothing to do with an existing property.
So I made another random monster-girl...Robot Girl  is in the gallery. I just got a bug last night and had to draw her. Not even really trying to finish the Monster Girl thing, but when I remembered I had started I thought hey, why not throw her on here. So the list looks like this. Maybe one day i will finish...but don't hold your breath. Italics is DONE...bold is NOT DONE
6.Spider Girl
7.Plant Girl
11.True Monster

13 Insect Girl
15.Dragon/Reptile Girl

21.Canine Girl
22.Feline Girl
24.Multiple Limbs
25.Favorite Monster Girl
26.Favorite Monster Girl Character
27.A Truly Gruesome Girl
28.A Group of Monster Girls Together
29.A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
30.Celebrate Monster Girls!


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