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Fool by foolsmask
Here is OC Inktober entry 2. This if Fool, the the male counterpart to Masquerade. In addition to being her teammate he is also her romantic interest. This character is probably the second most "Mary Sue" character of all the ones that might appear in this project. Fool possesses the Jester's Pouch. He is able to produce any item he can imagine and that can fit through the opening of the bag, a circle about 3' in diameter. The other draw back is that he has to know how the item works, so he can't create a Star Trek style phaser, or a magical sword because he doesn't know how laser guns or magic works, though he could learn and then have access to such devices.  None of his creations last more than an hour, vanishing into the ether once their time has run out.  It also can store items in an extra-dimensional space that is accessible only to him, allowing him to store and retrieve items he might acquire but who's function he does not understand yet. 

I actually played this character for a short superhero RPG using the Mutants and Masterminds system. It was pretty fun. He basically functioned like a Green Lantern for the team, but we were Earth based. He basically had a shapable blast attack where he would create an item that filled the spaces I wanted to try and hit and then I would roll for the attack. He could "stunt" to gain other powers. In that game I created bicycles to get around town, and once when we fought a Spider-Man type character I created a grappling gun that shot a yo-yo instead of a hook. It was fun, but the game fell apart after like four sessions.

Anyway, I was in high school when I created these characters, I've matured some so there are elements of this story and character that I don't care for as much anymore, but I can't abandon them because of their nostalgic value. This was my first real attempt at a story that was in my own original universe that had nothing to do with an existing property.
Masquerade by foolsmask
Entry number one in my OC Inktober. This is Masquerade. She is a Magical girl comic book character that I created back in high school. Her abilities come from her relics, the mask and wand of The Jester. She is a world class gymnast or acrobat. The mask removes most of her inhibitions, allowing her to do more than fear and instinct would not allow normally. The wand gives her the ability to cast spells, potentially any spell she wants, but she is limited by her will to use the power. This means she cannot get the spell to work unless she really wants it to happen. But being thrust into the world of a magical girl leaves her with a lot of doubt. She was expecting to go to high school then college, most likely on a scholarship. If she played her cards right there might have been a trip to the Olympics, or at least a world championship. Now that she know there are monsters and dark creatures things will never be the same.

Masquerade is the first character I ever created, or can remember creating, that wasn't a part of some preexisting property owned by Marvel or DC Comics. She has a lot in common with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, but I think she is distinct. Her powers come from the magical regalia that are scattered around the world. Masquerade is part of the Jester's team. The concept of the other team's isn't highly developed, but I was leaning toward a Tarot theme. Meaning there would be teams using Magician and Empress regalia. I have two more characters from this story to put up. So look forward to that I guess.
Alien-prescient by foolsmask
Another Gamma World character. This one is was rolled up as a prescient alien. This gives him the ability to  see the future and he comes equipped with a back pack full of nuclear grenades that he attaches to melee weapons for extra damage. 
Me as a Lantern by foolsmask
Me as a Lantern
So it occured to me that I have never done any art of my favorite superhero, Green Lantern. Well this isn't really art of an existing green lantern from DC Comics, this is my interpretation of what my personal Lantern costume might look like if I got a power ring. It isn't really that different, mostly its just the white around the shoulders and the loose collar. Then there are the black ovals on the hips and the white belt. 

I love the concept that the Lanterns, specifically the Green Lanterns have all the power in the world, or even the universe, but only if they have the confidence and will to back it up. They can literally do anything they want if they have the will. The only check on their power is the Guardians of Oa, but even they can't stand against a united corp, so if the Lanterns think the Guardians are wrong, then even the highest power will fall. 

I also like the Emotional Spectrum stuff. I know not everyone does and I acknowledge that it has its issues. If the concept had been in place when the Yellow Lanterns and Violet Lanterns (Starsaphires) had been introduced it might have seemed more cohesive. I want to do a story exploring the opposite side of each color.
So I made another random monster-girl...Robot Girl  is in the gallery. I just got a bug last night and had to draw her. Not even really trying to finish the Monster Girl thing, but when I remembered I had started I thought hey, why not throw her on here. So the list looks like this. Maybe one day i will finish...but don't hold your breath. Italics is DONE...bold is NOT DONE
6.Spider Girl
7.Plant Girl
11.True Monster

13 Insect Girl
15.Dragon/Reptile Girl

21.Canine Girl
22.Feline Girl
24.Multiple Limbs
25.Favorite Monster Girl
26.Favorite Monster Girl Character
27.A Truly Gruesome Girl
28.A Group of Monster Girls Together
29.A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
30.Celebrate Monster Girls!


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